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The Open Data Initiative works to ensure government finance data is consistent, transparent, and easily available

What ODI Community Means

We are creating a community of people that are passionate about government financial transparency. We understand that maintaining a community can not be taken for granted. Similar to what we expect from our government, transparent reviews of the community processes and governance encourages greater participation and makes the organization stronger. Transparency is a painful, difficult process to maintain. Transparency allows us to learn from mistakes, rather be certain to repeat them. Let us work together to make government financial transparency the norm.

Learn About ODI

  1. In the summer of 2017, We began by working with the 2016 PIRG financial report and each of the 50 US state open financial data records. From this research, we created our own transparency scorecard regarding the implementation of open data practices at the state level. We will continue further developing and expanding our [Financial Transparency Report through surveys of government municipalities. Next we update the transparency report with a review of California municipalities. This information will continue to be publicly available.
  2. Next we needed to understand the Government Financial Transparency Tools and Government Financial Transparency Best Practices, so we created two documents outlining what we have found so far. Between commercial and open source software available, we want to improve the understanding of the tools and best practices available and continue to provide that information back to the public.

Join the Community

  1. Read the Mission of ODI
  2. Answer your transparency interest questions.
  3. If you represent a government organization, take the Self Transparency Survey. How does your organization score? This survey can be filled out by your Infrastructure Technology team and by non-technical representatives. Multiple perspectives from the same organization are welcome.
  4. Join the general Open Data Initiative mailing list. By joining the mailing list, you become an ODI Individual Member. Find more information on becoming an ODI Individual and Partner Member here.
  5. Send emails to to discuss financial transparency and projects.
  6. We will continue to hold monthly webinars to work with the public. We will overview the state of our work and next steps at each webinar. Find the next webinar here.

Join to work on Projects

We have 3 projects that are active, with 2 more likely to become active for the first half of 2018.

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